Cosmopoliti Does Conde Nast Traveller..


Η Rachel Howard είναι μία εξαιρετική δημοσιογράφος του Conde Nast Traveller και λάτρης της χώρας μας. Γι αυτό και την επέλεξαν να γράψει τα insider spots της Αθήνας. Και γι αυτό ρώτησε τους ειδικούς! Της είχα στείλει όλο το παρακάτω κείμενο που αναμεταδίδω για τους ξένους φίλους που διαβάζουν το μπλογκ και δημοσιεύω και τις σελίδες , όπου νικητής βγήκε το New Hotel!

Despite the “bad” publicity, Syndagma Square is not a war zone but where the heart of Athens beats. Its surroundings burst with people shopping, walking and hanging around its’ cafes and restaurants.Unlike Kolonaki that struggles more during those hard times and its only new entry this season is the revamped cafe at Dexameni Square, Plaka and the streets around Syndagma down until Plateia Eirinis are always buzzy. Nikis street bordering with beautiful Plaka is a true gem for the Athenians. Especially vegetarian ones as it has the trendiest restaurant with home made super healthy delicious foods, called “Avocado”- famous for its carrot cake. Next to Avocado “Four Seasons” organic supermarket has everything anyone can ask for. In Greece we produce amazing organic products with a..

huge variety of goats cheeses, yoghurts and other delis. Opposite «Avocado» there is a classic deli called “House of Wine” – with excellent greek wines. Nikis street recently had a very successful street party in which “Nysy Yoga and Pilates Studio” participated – favourite hang out for all famous people who love yoga. Further down in Navarxou Nikodimou street and corner with Voulis street, a great taverna called “Paradosiako Oinomageirio” , owned by lovely Mrs Evgenia, is always full not because of its location but because of its cheap in price but not in taste delicious simple greek food. Further down in Pendelis street “Kostas” will serve you the healthiest and most unforgettable souvlaki pitta – not gyros!. IF he likes you of course! You have to order it in the morning then go pick it up early (and hurry cause he shuts at 5pm). The most beautiful bar restaurant in Plaka is called “Yasemi” located on the picturesque steps of Mnisikleous street. It’s a hang out for young and goodlooking people.You smell the fresh jasmine and eat homemade greek food- love the lentils with sundried tomato and feta. To digest you walk up the steps till you reach the borders of the Acropolis and you see the view of Lycabettus from Anafiotika – a “twilight zone” neighbourhood in the heart of Athens that looks exactly like the small streets of Anafi island. Then you go down and enter hardcore Plaka.From all the tavernas in Kydathinaion street , chose Vyzantino and do not forget to stop for a drink – ouzo or tintura- at the gorgeous bar of Vrettos – it s there since the beginning of the century. The coloured bottles create an incredibly beautiful decor. Of course you have to stay at the “New Hotel” , in Fillellinon street, which is modern, hip and extremely comfortable. Its “New Taste” restaurant is a hang out for all famous greek politicians and stars- like Sakis Rouvas and a favourite of artists around the world who want to see the works of art of owner and major art collector Dakis Ioannouand and the notorious decor of the Cabana brothers. New Taste has the best Sunday Brunch with eggs benedict to die for. Its red velvet curtains will protect you from the occasional rioters. In Athens you always end up living a double life and no matter what you always feel alive!


One comment on “Cosmopoliti Does Conde Nast Traveller..

  1. Ο/Η betty λέει:

    I would prefer to be a tourist in this city..


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